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Rotary Type Shisha Charcoal Press Machine

Rotary Type Shisha Charcoal Press Machine

  • BrandE.P HSXZ
  • Power7.5+1.1KW
  • ShapeRound tablet, coin, etc.
  • Capacity13000~30000 pieces per hour
  • Rotating speed10~24rpm
  • Size1300x1300x1800mm
  • Weight2000kg

Product Description

Rotary type shisha charcoal press machine, is used for pressing charcoal powder into round shape charcoal tablets for shisha. This machine is a compact type of the automatic rotation and continuous tablet press, not only used in shisha/hookah charcoal industry, but also can be used in the technical research in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industries, and it is an important equipment for checking whether the powdery materials can be pressed into solid tablets .

Finished Products

Shisha Charcoal Tablets

Finished Shisha Charcoal Tablets

The finished shisha charcoal tablets produced by this machine are with perfect shape, good appearance. Meanwhile, it is easy for combustion, no smell and long burning time. The shape can be round, circle etc. The mold can be customized.

Raw Material

Applicable raw materials

Applicable raw materials

The raw material can be charcoal, coal, coke etc. In addition, if the raw material is biomass with lignin, such as coconut shell, bamboo, rice husk, sawdust etc. E.P company can supply different carbonization equipment to help customer carbonize the raw material into charcoal for pressing.


Through the high extruding pressure during the pressing process, the raw material charcoal powder and binder will be pressed into solid charcoal briquettes. The basic processes are list as below. Not all these processes are necessary, it all depends on the situation of your raw materials. Please don’t hesitate o contact with us if you need any suggestion on charcoal briquettes production.

The workflow is like this:

Charcoal Pressing Tablets

Charcoal Lumb Crushing Mixing Pressing Drying Packing

Biomass Material Pressing Tablets

Biomass Material Carbonization Furnace Crushing Mixing Pressing Drying Packing

Advantages & Features

  1. High speed and high output;
  2. PLC and intelligent computer control system with touch operation screen. It makes the machine work more stable and convenient;
  3. Separate electric control cabinet, which makes the operation more safer;
  4. Equipped with overload protection device, which can prevent damage to the machine;
  5. EU & ASTM standard.
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